Quick Hitter USA | The Ultimate Batting Trainer


The Quick Hitter Benefits...

Promotes Good Swing Habits

Consistency is key for developing strong muscle memory that leads to a better swing. Practicing the Quick Hitter soft toss drill on a regular basis teaches young players to take the correct path to the ball, resulting in good swing habits that get better and better with each practice session.


Simulates The Perfect Pitch

The Quick Hitter drop ball drill simulates the same effect as swinging at the perfect pitch because of how the ball is delivered directly in the strike zone. It trains and conditions you to read and react to the ball more like an actual pitch so you develop the quick react-ability skills that are necessary when you're in the batters box.


Targets Every Corner Of The Strike Zone

The Quick Hitter is the only batting trainer aid with the innovative soft toss technique that's capable of delivering the ball anywhere in the strike zone with pinpoint accuracy - allowing you to practice your swing on the corners of the plate.


Effective & Productive Hitting Stations

Using the Quick Hitter allows coaches to combine soft toss and tee work into one simple hitting drill that's better for your players, while creating more productive hitting stations.


Easy To Use

Using the Quick Hitter as part of your hitting stations is very beneficial for coaches and parents. You are always in a stand-up position that's safer, and better for you physically. Say good-bye to stiff knees and back pains!


Safe To Use

The Quick Hitter has made soft toss and the drop ball drill completely safe for coaches and parents to practice. The possibility of being accidentally hit with a bat or a foul ball is completely eliminated.