Quick Hitter USA | The Ultimate Batting Trainer


Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How is The Quick Hitter the Ultimate Batting Trainer?

A - It has more ways to improve your hitting skills than any other batting trainer aid on
      the market, guaranteed!


Q - How does the Quick Hitter make every practice swing more "Game Like"?

A - It trains a batter to read and react to the ball with the same timing and response as
      an actual pitch.


Q - How is soft toss a better drill using the Quick Hitter?

A - The Quick Hitter delivers a short, accurate toss directly in the strike zone which
      eliminates the slow arching toss from the side. This technique promotes good
      hitting fundamentals by teaching kids, especially at the youth baseball/softball
      level to take a more direct path to the ball with every swing of the bat!


Q - How does the Quick Hitter function as a batting tee?

A - The Quick Hitter actually suspends the ball in mid-air for a split second,
      making the ball a stationary target— just like hitting off a tee.


Q - What type of a ball can be used for the batting practice sessions?

A - A baseball, softball -11"or 12", tennis ball, whiffle ball.


Q - Can the Quick Hitter be used indoors?

A - Yes, it's just as effective indoors, and all you need is a 10X10 area.


Q - How is the drop ball drill better using the Quick Hitter?

A - The Quick Hitter allows a batter to have sight of the ball at all times. This is crucial
      for timing and depth perception. The Quick Hitter also eliminates the possibility of
      a coaches or parents hand being accidentally hit by a bat or foul ball.


Q - Does the Quick Hitter require assembly?

A - No. It's ready to use right out of the box.


Q - Is the Quick Hitter available in retail stores?

A - No. It's only available on the web site or other online stores.