Quick Hitter USA | The Ultimate Batting Trainer


Better Drills... Better Practice... Better Results!

Improve Timing & Mechanics

Develop Good Hitting Fundamentals

The Quick Hitter creates the perfect hitting drill that actually suspends the ball directly in the "proper hitting zone" - The result is a level swing that takes the correct path to the ball every time - allowing good hitting mechanics to develop "naturally"

Improve Bat Speed

Develop Explosive Muscle Memory

The Quick Hitter provides a superior drop ball drill that trains you to react to a moving ball in a split-second! Using the Quick Hitter consistently for this drill conditions vital reflexes and develops explosive muscle memory for a natural, quick swing -- one that accelerates through the hitting zone with power.

Improve Hand-Eye Skills

Track The Ball In A Split-Second

The Quick Hitter will sharpen your hand eye skills by training you to track the ball in a split second - just like an actual pitch! This drill requires the same instinctive response when you're in the batters box making this hitting drill the perfect practice.

Improve Hitting The Corners

Develop A Better Sense Of The Strike Zone

The Quick Hitter can deliver the ball to specific areas of the strike zone with pinpoint accuracy - providing a great way to practice your swing on the corners of the plate and develop a better sense of the strike zone.